"Dr. Dunlop and his team didn't hold anything back."

– Dr. Barinder Cheema | Sacramento, CA


"Really great experience not just for me but for the team."

– Dr. Timothy Kamp | Merrillville, IN


"Very rarely does a Dentist show you clinical workflows."

– Dr. Johnny Shanks | Crossville, TN

Testimonials from our Full Arch Masters Alumni!

Hear from the Doctors, Lab Technicians, and Team Members who have participated in the
Full Arch Masters Program and learn about the direct benefits you receive from being a FAM Alumni.


"Everybody is friendly and the content is really really good. It's laid out like a little campus, so the environment felt very good."

– Dr. Idan Snapir | Los Angeles, CA

"Dr. Dunlop is great as a professional and as a person. The team is well-trained, professional, and very helpful."

– Dr. Zaruhi Shahbazyan | Fresno, CA

"FAM is everything I expected and more. The team wants to give you everything you need to set you up for success."

– Dr. Cassandra Joseph | Summerfield, NC

"Very friendly staff! They showed me what all is possible and all the latest technology there is in the industry."

– Dr. Andrew Park | Fresno, CA

"It's been jam packed! I've been to a lot of CE Experiences and none have been this full. There has not been a moment wasted!"

– Dr. Anthony Gabois | Colombia, MI

"Anyone who is ready to take their dentistry to the next level, this is an amazing course – I would highly recommend it."

– Dr. Barinder Cheema | Sacramento, CA

"I love it! It opened up new ways to do dentistry, my way seemed archaic compared to what Dr. Dunlop is doing."

– Allea Torres | San Leandro, CA

"After the 4 days we've been here, I feel like I can go home and do full arch in my practice. If I have any problems I have Dr. Dunlop to behind me."

– Dr. Scott Peters | San Diego, CA

"If you're looking to integrate digital synergies into your practice, this course is a must."

– Dr. Johnny Shanks | Crossville, TN

"Get your team on board and excited about the process so they give it their all."

– Dr. Beau Schneiss | Chicago, IL

"Such a friendly environment and Dr. Dunlop gives you a lot of information for you and your staff."

– Dr. Alexander Antipov | Roseville, CA

"Digital is the future of dentistry. If you're not doing it now you'll be left behind."

– Dr. Gagandeep Kandola | El Dorado Hills, CA

"This is a great hands-on way to get an outstanding overview of how everything works!"

– Dr. Timothy Kamp | Merrillville, IN

"Full Arch Masters exceeded all expectations! From communication with his team to seeing the live surgeries."

– Dr. Matt Annese | Boston, Massachusetts

"We were given the recipe for how to use the tools we have, now we have to put the work in."

– Dr. Azam Saeed | Chicago, IL

"We've reviewed a lot of patients, and Dr. Dunlop has been kind enough to reveal a lot of secrets. He's not held back any information."

– Dr. Aman Bhullar | San Jose, California

"The nice thing about the Full Arch Masters course is that you can learn specifically what you need help with."

– Dr. Travis Kendall | Long View, Texas

"Dr. Dunlop's team is outstanding. They're here to help you and make sure you learn everything, and if you didn't they'll spend that extra time with you."

– Dr. David Price | The Villages, FL

"Digital is the only way to do these cases, the way we used to do them left so much room for error and guessing – with digital it's perfect."

– Dr. Vishtasb Broumand | Scottsdale, AZ

"The Full Arch courses bring high value and they go by fast with the dedicated structure. There is no wasted time!"

– Dr. Timothy Stirneman | Lake In The Hills, IL

"I saw things in action, I've heard about these things but it's different to actually get to see it."

– Dr. Kerry Voit | Chicago, IL

"I really appreciate the transparency and Dr. Dunlop's team. It was a really great experience."

– Dr. Mohamad Albik  | El Dorado Hills, CA

"It was incredibly fulfilling and there is a ton of information but they make it not overwhelming.

– Dr. Glenn Justice, DDS  | Las Vegas, NV

"Dr. Dunlop has shown us how Full Arch can be done differently with new technology."

– Dr. David Ting, DDS | Las Vegas, NV

"This has been an eye-opening experience, especially the technology aspect. I learned a lot!"

– Dr. Avi Matha, DDS  | Wooodbury, MN

"Don't hesitate. Take to be the master."

– Dr. Vinh Lam, DDS | Lavak, QC

"The overall experience was awesome. We learned a lot. it was condensed and had a lot of information."

– Dr. Peter Lee, DMD MSD | Rochester, NY

"Phenomenal Workflow. Dr. Dunlop has done a wonderful job implementing the course."

– Dr. Joe Camarata, DDS | Overland Park, KS

"This is one of the best CE courses I've taken in my career. The value was there and it was worth it."

– Dr. Brian Steele, DDS | Placerville, CA

"It's been excellent. Every dollar spent was worth. Just a really cool environment."

– Dr. Brandon James, DDS | Overland Park, KS

"It's a fun course from beginning to end and down to earth. Very accessible."

– Dr. Anish Gupta, DDS | New Hudson, MI

"I had a great time. I really felt like I learned what I needed to in order to get the Digital Workflow into my practice."

– Dr. Adam Fisher, DDS | Detroit, MI

"I learned a lot on the computer and technology side. It was the newest part to me."

– Dr. Todd Christianson, DDS | Shakopee, MN

"It's was a fun and full 4 days! I learned so much!"

– Dr. Samuel Jirik, DDS | Cabot, AR

"It was above and beyond my expectations. I thought 4 days wouldn't be long enough to learn everything but I learned way more than I expected."

– Dr. Rodion Pinkhasov, DDS | Bonita Springs, FL

"I'm a dinosaur when it comes to technology and seeing this done over and over, has helped tremendously."

– Dr. Robertosalazar, DDS | San Marcos, CA

"10 out of 10 experience. The workflows - from the patient walking in the door to leaving after surgery was covered. It was great!"

– Dr. Nathan Faber, DDS | Charleston, SC

"Everything was amazing from day 1! The way the program was organized was amazing."

– Dr. Iman Murashi, DDS | San Antonio, TX

Lab Technicians

"It's the best course I've been to. You're gonna learn a lot no matter how long you've been doing this."

– Edward Slusser | The Villages, Florida

"If you're thinking about going digital come and take this course! It's very unique, and has a lot of information."

– Gus Khalil | Orlando, Florida

"It's a very organized and focused team effort at Full Arch, almost like an orchestra, which translates into a smooth operation."

– Raymond Steffins | Dawsonville, GA

"Having the equipment is important, but Dr. Dunlop and his team also showed us how to use it which is even better."

– Manveer Singh | Lake in The Hills, IL

"Dr. Dunlop is a joy to be around, and is genuinely focused on making sure everyone has a great experience and learns the process."

– Dustin Van Tassell | Wichita Falls, Texas

"I want to continue on with additional classes regarding lab area and technician design, so I want to continue to grow."

– Rose Shahbazyan | Fresno, CA

"Dr. Dunlop is very amazing and is very intelligent. The steps in marketing, introducing new patients are very valuable."

– Carl Hickmott | Westland, MI

Team Members

"I learned so much from the doctors, they're a wealth of knowledge. We have lots of questions and they have lots of answers."

– Crystal, RDA | Munyia, TC and Zaruhi Shahbazyan, DDC | Fresno, CA

"The doctors and the team have been really exciting. They give really passionate lectures and walk you through things step by step."

– Katie, RDA and Clint, CC | Colombia, MI

"My expectation was to learn how to use the printing machine but I got a LOT more than what I was expecting and the experience was great."

– New U Dental Team | Los Angeles, CA

"My expectations were fairly high based off the FAM website, and the overal experience was wonderful."

– Odyssey Dental Team | Summerfield, NC

"The most important thing I learned is we're going to have lots of delegation to have the team specialize in different areas."

– Allicia Gonsolin | El Dorado Hills, CA

"It was great to see the flow from the start to the end, and being able to see the surgical flow with their digital systems."

– Lauren Bell & Ben Whitson | Crossville, TN

"The Live Patient Hands-On Surgery was great to watch. It was cool to see everything step by step in person."

– Melanie Edwards & Alejandro Fernandez | Scottsdale, AZ

"The team was awesome, the food was great! They really took care of us and made sure we were understanding every stage of the surgery."

– Veronica Lerma (RDA), Daisy Thorton (RDA), Osiris Nunez (RDA) | California

"The Live Patient Component was such a great opportunity to be able to see how other teams are doing dentistry – that's how you become better."

– Kristi Certain (CDA), Lindsey Menyhart (OM), Stephanie Petroff (CDA) | Miles City, MT

"It was fun. It was never boring. We learned a lot about the business aspects and how to get people to say yes to treatment."

– Vijayata Gupta, OM | New Hudson, MI

"I'm glad we all participated. It was easier to see and do it than have him come back and relay something. - Do it."

– Blue Saucedo (Admin), Arayna Harris (CSA), Shaun Garrett (CSA) | New Hudson, MI

"I'm glad to be here. Dr. Dunlop and his team is amazing!"

– Rocio Espino, RDA EF2 | Elk Grove, California

Past Sessions