Course Description

There is a serious lab technician shortage in this country. Even more so in the implant market. Even more so in the full arch market. Most so in the digital full arch implant market. Full Arch Masters is trying to fix this by training eager technicians in digital design, digital immediate loading, esthetic finishing for printed and milled materials, CAM methodologies, pros and cons of various materials, and troubleshooting cases.

 This lab technician training can happen in combination with a Dr. and team, or by itself. Live hands-on training with real cases are the key. Technicians in the program get their hands dirty treating real cases in real-time using real materials with real experts by their side.

Advanced Clinical Mentors


“It’s the best course I’ve been to. You’re gonna learn a lot no matter how long you’ve been doing this.”

– Edward Slusser | The Villages, Florida


“If you’re thinking about going digital come and take this course! It’s very unique, and has a lot of information.”

– Gus Khalil | Orlando, Florida


“It was great to see the flow from the start to the end, and being able to see the surgical flow with their digital systems.”

– Lauren Bell | Crosstown, TN

Day 1 & 2



Our expert level lab course is designed for Doctors, lab technicians and assistants who want to learn the highly skilled design and esthetic finishing procedures associated with full arch implant cases. The first 2 days of the course focuses on the pre-op, immediate load with digital printed conversion, and final design for
zirconia based restoration.
By Dr. Ryan Dunlop Founder & CEO

Day 3 & 4

8:00 – 5:00
“The last 2 days are an opportunity to work with pre-sintered and post-sintered zirconia, utilizing green-stage contouring and MIYO ceramic layering to achieve an outstanding esthetic outcome.”
By Dr. Ryan Dunlop Founder & CEO

Pre Op Records 

and Case Design

Technicians will learn how to import pre op records and complete an esthetic and functional “digital mockup” for doctor approval. The use of facial scanning, digital tooth and smile design, and fabrication of surgical alignment devices will be covered in depth

Surgical Records
and Immediate Load Prosthetics

Technicians in the course will be taught how to import crucial surgical records from live surgeries, how to use those records to import their pre op designs, and how to generate a beautiful, well designed printed prosthetic for their doctors. Esthetic finishing for these immediate load prosthetics will be covered in depth

Final Prosthetics

Multiple techniques for designing long term prosthetics are covered in the course, including PMMA, metallic frameworks, PEEK materials, zirconia, and Crystal based materials. In addition to design, technicians will participate in hands on modules to next, mill, and finish these complicated and delicate materials

Lab Organization
and Communication

Technicians live and work in various scenarios – in office, off-site, and mobile. Various scenarios are covered to allow the technician to best serve his doctors in an efficient, high-yield manner